2 New Devices That Turn Your Bedroom Into A Sleep Lab

From caffeine, to exercise, to iPad use, so many things can effect the way you sleep. And not only that, but some of use feel we are not getting enough sleep when we are actually getting normal quality sleep (a disorder called paradoxical insomnia), while others believe they are getting plenty of sleep but are struggling with disorders such as sleep apnea.

Up until recently, it has been difficult to tell how much sleep we are truly getting without sleeping in a lab. Fortunately, because of advancements in technology there are now devices that can monitor your sleep at home, opening up new possibilities for tracking the results of our lifestyle choices on how we sleep.

Now with devices such as fitbit and zeo you can thoroughly track your sleep and know exactly what is going on during you slumber. This kind of knowledge can be incredibly powerful for someone dealing with a sleep disorder!

Probably, the most powerful sleep tracking device on the costumer market for tracking sleep patterns is Zeo. To see Zeo in action simply watch this video…


From everything I have seen online both products seem to do a good job of both tracking your sleep and also giving appropriate advice for how to improve your sleep. But one thing that seems to set the zeo slightly apart is the fact that it tracks your sleep by monitoring your brain waves while fit bit tracks your movement. But fit bit also tracks your steps and activity during the day helping you to improve your overall health which clearly effects your sleep as well. Here is a bit more about fitbit…


I don’t think you can go wrong with either one. The sleep data that they provide can go a long way in diagnosing what it is about your lifestyle that is inhibiting your slumber or if there are other factors involved.

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