Dr Scott Conard has a unique perspective on health and well-being.  He grew up the son of a family doctor who developed vertically integrated health systems to support individuals as they aged in place – with system to help them overcome their physical and emotional frailty as it progressed – maximizing the time they could live with and spend with their families and those they loved.  In 1986 he graduated from the University of South Florida Medical School where he studied and did research on geriatrics and continuing care retirement communities with a grand from the National Council on Aging.  He came to Dallas to study at the Southwestern affiliated family practice residency program at St Paul Hospital where he did rotations with outstanding professors and residents from the University of Texas Southwestern at Parkland and other affiliated hospitals.

In 1989 he went into private practice in Irving Texas initially by taking his geriatrics knowledge and providing care for those in Adult Congregate Living and Skilled Nursing Facilities.  This built his nursing home and hospital practices quickly, but it wasn’t until he wrote their families letters and invited them to come see him in his family practice that his clinic began to grow significantly.

In 1996 he was practicing in Irving (Las Colinas) when he had three patients in their 40’s die unexpectedly despite receiving what was considered at the time “state of the art” care in the modern medical model.  Dr Conard took care of the parents, spouse, and children of these patients and was confused and upset that this could have occurred.  In an attempt to better understand how this could have happened and to build systems that prevent the consequences these deaths had on the families, co-workers, and community, Dr Conard has gone on an 18 year journey studying the latest western medicine research, eastern medicine, mind-body medicine, herbal and vitamin therapy, acupuncture, manipulation, hormone therapy, and lifestyle medicine.  Along the way Dr Conard became board certified in bariatric medicine (weight loss medicine), a Certified Diabetes Educator, recognized in Behavioral Sleep Medicine, and taught over 600 programs on these topics to physicians in the United States and abroad.

As a culmination of this new way of thinking in 2003 TienaHealth Medical Group, PA was created with a team based approach including Chiropractic, Naturopathic, Psychological, Acupuncture, Aesthetic, Allopathic and Osteopathic care.  Focused on the patient and their well-being this team brought comprehensive and unique perspectives to patients’ challenges.  During this time Dr Conard founded and ran a research corporation where he has been a primary investigator in over 60 studies on topics ranging from diabetes, heart disease, infections, allergies, weight loss, supplements, hypertension and women’s health.  He was an Associate Professor in the Department of Family Medicine at Southwestern Medical School in Dallas from 1989 to 2010 and has taught many medical students, residents, and many other health care professionals during this time.

Throughout this journey Dr Conard has become increasingly impressed with the importance of the healthcare team in creating a great medical home for patients.  The model of a doctor trying to do it all him or herself is both unrealistic and dangerous.  Equally important is the emphasis on empowering patients to stay well, and not to wait until a disease or disorder has started to manifest.  The most common diseases affecting Americans today (heart disease, cancer, pre-diabetes, and diabetes have a 5 – 15 year window before they are usually recognized and treated where they can be reversed or slowed dramatically, but often are not even recognized.  The importance of stress and mental health also plays a significant role in well-being.  Issues such as caregiving, drive time to work, and changes in one’s social group are as influential in well- being such as current blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar.

While practicing medicine in 1998 Dr Conard had a patient come in with a form from their employer requiring him to learn and report his key health numbers.  A patient who had barely gone to the doctor in the past, all of a sudden began to learn about his body.  His employer began to encourage and support him becoming more active in his health.  The company aligned their health benefits and supported on site programs to create an environment of health and well-being.  The patient lost weight, took care of his diabetes, and thrived over the next several years.  It was then that Dr Conard realized that his 15 minute visits four times a year do not compare to the influence that employers have 40 hours/week and as the architects of their health benefits.  It was this insight that lead to the team at TienaHealth creating The Game of Health which they delivered on site at Sabre Holdings, Alcon Labs, The City of Grapevine, and The Federal Reserve Bank, and to the creation of The Seven Healers and The Seven Numbers books.

In 2006 TienaHealth became the prototype for 184 other clinics when Dr Conard became the Chief Medical & Strategy Officer of Medical Edge, a multi-specialty 510 provider, 1.3M patient health care system where he lead the focus on clinical quality, clinical outcomes, utilization management and care management.  Using the innovative and proactive patient centered medical home (PCMH) philosophy patients the health care team refined at TienaHealth, patients were encouraged to become active in their health with the Patient Centered Medical Home Summary being handed to them when they arrived at the clinic, the nurses educating and ordering evidence based recommendations, and the doctors acting as  “leaders of the team,” not “cowboys” in the clinic.  It worked, and led to greatly increase the numbers of patients getting the right screening and interventions, at the right time, at the right place, and at the right price.

This Population Health Management approach worked so well Medical Edge saw over 150 of their providers get Bridges to Excellence and National Committee for Quality Assurance recognitions in diabetes, cardiac, asthma, patient centered medical home performance in just three years.  Unnecessary and expensive tests, interventions, and hospitalizations lead to reduced illness and disability, significant savings and quantifiable health improvement of the patients served.  This was one of the factors contributing to the acquisition of Medical Edge by Texas Health Resources in 2010.

After the acquisition Dr Conard decided to refocus on the importance of employers creating the right incentives and environments for employees to become engaged in their well-being, and to prevent, not just treat conditions.  For the past 4 years he has focused on working with employers at ACAP Health, Holmes & Murphy Brokerage & Consulting Firm, Compass PHS (a technology enabled transparency, concierge engagement, and population health company), and now as an independent, trusted Consultant and Advisor for corporations like Sabre Holdings, Energy Future Holdings, Sarasota County, Hilti, Melton Trucking, and Guckenheimer.

In this role Dr Conard provides business & medical direction to improve the employee’s experience, to improve quality, and to save millions of dollars by creating accountable health care delivery “systems.” To achieve this he works with value based organizations like Compass PHS, American Diabetes and Heart Associations, the Group Practice Forum, Airrosti, Alcon, AbbVie, health providers, health plans & health care delivery systems to align incentives, increase engagement, & to remove inefficiency and needless complexity.

At this point in his career Dr Conard uses his unique combination of clinical, leadership, business, research, and communication skills to share a vision of a new health care system where the patient comes first, all stakeholders in the system find a sustainable path where they can deliver tremendous value, and people thrive in healthy communities that support healthy relationships, play, nutrition, and spirituality as they thrive and develop intuitive well-being.

To share this vision he has presented recently at forums including The Aspen Institute & Advisory Board Care Innovation Program, the Texas Business Group on Health, the PCPCC and the Institute For Healthcare Consumerism.

It is with this perspective and a clear appreciation of the importance of focusing on the goal – achieving tiena – being whole and complete physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually and financially- that Dr Conard wakes up every day, and works in his medical practice, with providers, and with corporations committed to adding years to your life and life to your years.