“Being” A Medical Leader

From The Art of Medical Leadership:
A Guide to Expanding Your Influence

By Suzan Oran and Scott Conard, MD
(with Nicole Oran)

Would you like to expand your influence? If you work in medicine, you began your career with a focus on the health and wellbeing of others. Once within a practice, you have most likely discovered that you have varying degrees of influence. It may seem that you have less influence or that your focus has changed to a more financial or less health-oriented focus than you expected when you began your career.

Common Leadership Mistake:  Trying to do everything yourself
Physicians cannot do what they do without the entire team.  A doctor can always go back to practicing medicine by going door to door with their black bag.  And that can be a beautiful way to make a difference as a physician.  However, providing the kind of care offered from a medical practice requires the entire team. When you provide effective leadership (whatever your role in the practice may be) you expand your influence by supporting the entire staff in being a cohesive team, leveraging and increasing the benefits for your patients. Within the medical field, those in an official leadership position often end up operating in a monocratic fashion instead of allowing a more inclusive system of productivity. This not only inhibits the functionality of the entire organization, it also limits the possibility for each person on the team to thrive, including the leader.

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