Blood Pressure follow-up from Seminar

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This week in our Tuesday Seminar class we talked about  blood pressure and the affect of sodium on blood pressure.  A couple resources we gave out were the DASH diet and information from the USDA National Nutrition Database.  (below are the links to both websites)  – DASH Diet – USDA National Nutrition Database

We had the participants in the class do a quiz and rank 10 popular food items from 1 – 10 on their sodium content.  A couple things were surprising.  The biggest surprise was that fish has a higher sodium content than a Rice Krispie Treat!  Didyou know that?  Most of us in the class associated fish as a healthy food,  which it is, and the   Rice Krispie Treat as a bad food.  What I want you to take away from this is that no food is good or bad!  It is what is nutritionally needed by your body that is important.  Quantity is also VERY important.  One of the discussions we had was around Catsup.  Most of the class thought that Catsup was high in sodium.  One packet of catsup is not very high in sodium (67 mg).  However, how many of us just eat one packet of catsup?  Remember, quantity is important in everything we eat.  Read the label!  Make sure you look at the serving size on the label.   Sometimes what we think is 1 serving has been divided into 2 or 3 servings so they can show less calories.

My challenge for you this week is to go to the above USDA National Nutrition Database and find the top 10 foods that you eat and write down the serving size and how much sodium is in that serving size.  Were there any surprises for you?  Tell us about it!

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