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A Message to My Patients

First of all I want to thank you all for the many calls, texts and emails I am getting; your concern is moving.

In addition, I am sorry for the sudden departure and possible interruption in the continuity of your care.  If you are having issues or problems please feel free to email me at the address below and let me know how I can help.

Let me address the main issue most of you are asking; why I am no longer at TienaHealth.   For the last 4 1/2 years I have been working as the Chief Medical and Strategy Officer (CMSO) for Medical Edge in addition to my patient care responsibilities.  On 1/1/2011 the Texas Health Physicians Group acquired Medical Edge and there was no CMSO position in THPG.  Thus my contract, both for the executive and for my medical practice concluded.  Dr Stoltz, the president of THPG and I are looking at the possibility of me coming back as a doctor only, but this has not been decided, and if I do it will be in the Grapevine/Southlake area, not at TienaHealth – (stay tuned).

But in the mean time, what I am doing is considering my options for the medical practice.  If you could design the perfect situation for your healthcare what would it look like? Here are some key areas;

  1. How do we take healthcare to you, not make you come to the healthcare, making it more convenient and accessible (web, telephone, email, webinars, seminars, group visits, text – be creative),
  2. Who is on the “team” – me alone, or several people working to the top of their license to provide care (other doctor(s), PA/NP, nurse, dietitian, chiropractor, maseuse???), what do you envision?,
  3. How do we build a “community” – see one, do one, teach one – people going through life together, supporting, sharing, and caring for each other (yes, even between patients),
  4. Who are the others, and how many do you envision in the “community” of care?
  5. What physical resources do we want (office, conference room, gym, pool, airplane)?
  6. What shall we call ourselves?
  7. Any ideas on funding – traditional insurance, membership, co-op, nonprofit corp?

This is the time to brainstorm and be creative.  The fundamental foundation of great care is the relationship and continuity with the your healthcare team.  This is what we want to focus on.  We may start off with a small office with a large web presence or no office and all house calls – let’s be open to the functions defining the structure.

As we are re-calibrating and dreaming of what this “Community” looks like I am eager to hear your suggestions.  Please post a comment and/or send an email to me at drscott@scottconard.com.

Committed to your wellness,

Dr Scott