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Merry Christmas and Thanks to all of you!

What a blessing it was to see each one of you that came to our first GOH Medical Christmas Party! I had so much fun! Lots of hugs, fabulous Christmas carols and yummy healthy food. We have already started the planning for next year!

I want you to know that I appreciate each one of you and thank you for being a part of my medical practice.

As we move forward in 2012, we will have a new office location that is in it’s exciting development stages right now. We will continue seeing patients at Prestige until our office is ready. We will post our new office location on here and our Grand Opening date as soon as we have it. Exciting times are ahead.

Tuesday night class 

Our Tuesday night class picture

Have a very Merry Christmas and a blessed and healthy New Year!

Dr. Scott

You’re invited to the GOH Medical Christmas Hug Celebration!

It’s the holiday season and we haven’t seen some of you for quite some time now and I would love to see your smiling face at our Christmas party. Please come join us and tell us how life has been this year. A special announcement will be made also, so don’t miss out. I look forward to getting hugs from all of you. Hope to see you there!

Dr. Scott

When: Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Time: 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Where: Hackberry Creek Country Club

1901 West Royal Lane

Irving, TX 75063

RSVP: Cheryl Gillette-Shaw ~ (972) 292-7158 or email Cheryl@scottconard.com


What is your “fat boy or fat girl” saying to you?

At the Game of Health Community Meeting last week I shared how my “little fat boy,” that voice in my head that says things to me like;
“It’s OK to eat that, you deserve it, you exercised today,”
“Being thin is over-rated, you can weigh a little more and eat what you want to,”
“191 pounds is good enough, no reason to keep working to get to 180,”
“you don’t look any better after losing all this weight, it has been hard, what a waste”
“you could get hit by a bus tomorrow and you would have given up all sorts of great things you would have enjoyed.”
From May to the present time I have lost 19 pounds.  As odd as it sounds the more I lose the more I hear from my little fat boy.  My determination seems to wane at time as I encounter success. 
What does your “little fat boy (or girl)” say to you? Take a minute and write down all the should’ve, would’ve or could’ve things your little voice has been telling you!  Then let them go, release all the should’ve, could’ve, or would’ve’s that your little voice has been telling you.  Look at the flip side.  What if those things had happened? Maybe there are people you would not have met, places you would not have lived, children you wouldn’t have?  Stop….get rid of all of them, be grateful for where you are and start taking baby steps to move forward.
Most people that are overweight believe when you lose weight all is better right?  Well if that’s true why is it that in The Community we are dealing with a lot of issues around our success right now?  At the meeting last week one of our most successful participants had to leave.  During the class she felt overwhelmed by the thought that she had no right to weigh this amount, she didn’t know how to be the person she had become, and didn’t know what to do next.  Plus, now that she had lost all the weight her skin didn’t look like she wanted it too and she still had not found the right guy. 
Another person who has lost over 100 pounds is having this affect her with thoughts about “you’re still not good enough.”  She has cured cholesterol, diabetes, blood pressure, looks 20 years younger, and her husband has responded in kind with weight loss and by becoming more fit and affectionate.  Yet she feels driven and like “something is still not right.” 
What is going on?
Have you experienced this?  What is your story?   This week in class we are starting a discussion of the book “Little Voice Mastery” by Blair Singer.  If you would like to join the community and read this with us you can contact Cheryl at Cheryl@rapha7ven.com and give her your information.  You can join us on the web or on the phone.  Let us know.  We are building a community of people that are ready to have breakthroughs in all areas of their life….are you ready?  If so, join us!

Dr. Scott

Lousy Habits follow up from Seminar

In our class this week we shared one lousy habit each of us thought was stopping us from achieving our wellness goals.  One of the things that impressed me the most was there wasn’t anyone that shared what most of us would think were lousy habits, ie, quit smoking, get off drugs, eating out too much, etc.

Lousy habits are habits that we have fallen into that stop us from being our best, and sometimes we do not even recognize that it’s a lousy habit until someone else points it out or we realize whatever it is isn’t serving our bodies or our life in the best way.

Several in class shared that reading books was a lousy habit.  Now, most people would not think of reading books as a lousy habit. However, if it stops you from going to sleep at night and getting enough sleep, it can be. Another person shared that reading sometimes stopped them from exercising so now they use a Nook and read while they are exercising.

Another lousy habit that was shared was watching television.  Again, not a terribly lousy habit unless you are watching too much of it that it stops you from being productive or stops you from sleeping or exercising.

The goal is to develop an awareness of your lousy habits, gain understanding of why it is a lousy habit and maybe even go back to recognize when it became a lousy habit and why.  Then identify what new habits you could put in place to change the lousy habits and identify an accountability friend that you could share your new habit goal with. Once you have shared what your goal is with your accountability friend, create what kind of a plan you want for them to hold you accountable for and how you want them to hold you accountable.  By doing this, expectations are set up front and you have a say in how you want to be held accountable.

Wishing you wellness as you get rid of one lousy habit at a time and create new healthy habits!

Dr. Scott

Lousy Habits

The L in our TROUBLE Assessment stands for Lousy Habits.  A habit is a behavior pattern developed by frequent repetition.  It is closely connected with both the way we think and how we feel emotionally. Lousy habits rob us of a quality life and in some cases, shorten our years.  They compound the negative effects of unhealthy food choices, increased Roundness and a lack of Training in our lives.

There are countless Lousy Habits we can develop, ranging from taking drugs and drinking excessive amounts of alcohol to watching too much TV and not getting enough sleep.  What lousy habits can you identify in your life?  Did you know that most of the time you develop lousy habits simply because you repeatedly did your lousy habit without thinking that it was a lousy habit?

Now is the time to take action and change whatever in your life you decide is a lousy habit.  You can do that by created a good habit that replaces the lousy habit.  The first step to getting rid of your lousy habit is to become aware of what the lousy habits are that you have in your life.  Take a minute and write down what you are aware of in your life that is a lousy habit.

Your next step is understanding.  Do some research on your habit and find out the effects of it on your life. Ask people around you how your habit affects them. Is your habit just a waste of time or is it affecting your health and the health of those around you?

Develop new habits.  Experts estimate it takes about 21 days to establish a new habit.  New, healthier patterns of behavior will help you to prevent returning to the old habit.  Sometimes, we just need to replace the lousy habit with a healthier one and make it a habit instead. Some successful habits to consider are exercising instead of watching tv.  Chewing sugar free gum instead of smoking. Deep-breathing exercises and counting backward from 10 may also be helpful.

Our next step is to establish accountability.  Find trustworthy people who will support you in your endeavor.  Stop and think.  Who is on my team? Are there people that deliberately sabatoge you that you need to avoid for a while so that you can be successful? Do you need to share it with your family or do you need to go to a support group away from your family to get the accountability you need? The key is to find someone or a group who you can talk with or see regularly who won’t condemn you for not being successful but at the same time won’t condone it either.

Sharing is the final step. Once you have gotten the upper hand on your lousy habit, it is time to begin telling others about your success and offer to help them with their struggles.  We are all one step and ahead and one step behind someone. By being real, transparent, and willing to help others, you will develop a greater level of freedom than you ever thought possible!

Dr. Scott

Blood Pressure follow-up from Seminar

Good morning!

This week in our Tuesday Seminar class we talked about  blood pressure and the affect of sodium on blood pressure.  A couple resources we gave out were the DASH diet and information from the USDA National Nutrition Database.  (below are the links to both websites)

http://www.nhlbi.nih.gov/health/public/heart/hbp/dash/new_dash.pdf  – DASH Diet

http://www.nal.usda.gov/fnic/foodcomp/Data/SR18/nutrlist/sr18a307.pdf – USDA National Nutrition Database

We had the participants in the class do a quiz and rank 10 popular food items from 1 – 10 on their sodium content.  A couple things were surprising.  The biggest surprise was that fish has a higher sodium content than a Rice Krispie Treat!  Didyou know that?  Most of us in the class associated fish as a healthy food,  which it is, and the   Rice Krispie Treat as a bad food.  What I want you to take away from this is that no food is good or bad!  It is what is nutritionally needed by your body that is important.  Quantity is also VERY important.  One of the discussions we had was around Catsup.  Most of the class thought that Catsup was high in sodium.  One packet of catsup is not very high in sodium (67 mg).  However, how many of us just eat one packet of catsup?  Remember, quantity is important in everything we eat.  Read the label!  Make sure you look at the serving size on the label.   Sometimes what we think is 1 serving has been divided into 2 or 3 servings so they can show less calories.

My challenge for you this week is to go to the above USDA National Nutrition Database and find the top 10 foods that you eat and write down the serving size and how much sodium is in that serving size.  Were there any surprises for you?  Tell us about it!

Adding years to your life and life to your years!

Dr. Scott

Blood Pressure

Each week I am going to post a short blog on a topic that we will be sharing at our Tuesday evening Seminars. If you are interested in attending a Tuesday evening seminar, please contact me and I will get the information to you.

Blood pressure is the force at which blood flows through the blood vessels. The pressure it exerts when it fully contracts is called the systolic blood pressure (this is the top number). The pressure it generates when it relaxes is called the diastolic blood pressure (this is the bottom number).

Do you know what your blood pressure numbers are? If not, you need to know. This is an important number is the Seven Numbers to keep you healthy!

An ideal healthy, normal blood pressure is about 115/75. Studies have shown that the high elevation of the top number and the difference between the top and bottom number are the best predictors of having a heart attack or stroke in people over age 50. On the other hand, the high elevation of the bottom number is the most important predictor for people under age 50.

If your blood pressure is greater than 140/90, you have high blood pressure and are usually treated with medication.

Hypertension (high blood pressure) is called the silent killer because we usually do not have symptoms until it is too late. Some symptoms of high blood pressure are headaches or blurry vision. Many times the first signs that we have high blood pressure are when we experience kidney failure, an aneurysm, a stroke or a heart attack.

Salt (sodium) intake can affect blood pressure. As salt is taken in, sodium quickly flows into the bloodstream. To deal with it, our kidneys retain water to dilute the salt content. Our kidneys are the volume controllers of our blood. Having too much sodium in the blood is called hypernatremia. This condition leads to mental confusion, heart problems and can cause death to cells.

Our daily consumption of salt should be less than 2 grams (2,000 mg). The only way you will know how much sodium you are taking in is to read the labels on the products you are consuming. Just for one day, keep a diary of everything you eat and drink and track how much sodium you are taking in daily. Does the number surprise you? I bet that most people take in a lot more sodium than they even imagine.

A couple tips to decrease your sodium intake:
* Do not use salt at the table
* Reduce salt used in food preparation.
* Use herbs and spices for flavoring meats and vegetables instead of salt.
*Avoid salty foods such as processed meats and fish, pickles, soy sauce, salted nuts, chips and other snack foods.
*Check every “Nutritional Information” label before you buy or use a product. Note the sodium AND the portion size information.

Let’s add years to your life and life to your years by getting your blood pressure into the normal range and keeping it there!

Dr. Scott

Happen TO Life…

What are you doing this morning?  Did life happen to you or did you happen to life?  Reactive or Proactive?  Victim or Creator?

I was laying in bed in a hotel room in San Diego for the American Diabetes Association National Meeting, perfectly warm, very groggy, and content when the idea “I should go for a run” popped into my mind.  My “little fat man” in my head – the one that has had his way with me off and on for many years – began to argue vehemently what a ridiculous thought that was and reassured me that what I should do is go back to sleep.

So for the next 15 minutes my “fit man” and “fat man” wrestled in my head.  Finally I got up, dressed and headed out of the hotel.

About halfway through the run I realized that I was sleep running.  I was up in my head and now the “do this to be successful” man was arguing with the “all you do is work too hard” man.

“STOP!!” (said with a high pitched voice and exasperation).  What is going on?  Why the wrestling match?  What are these to voices?  Why are these voices?

Staying Present in San Diego

“Breathe, look around, feel the weather, smell the sea salt, listen to the sea gulls.”  Finally life became being, not doing; experience, not thought.  I was really here.  Suddenly a chorus – the fat man, fit man, successful man, and work to hard man voices yelled in a chorus how important they were and needed to be paid attention to.  How easy to dive back into the theater of my mind, to miss the life that I was in.   But, it is really beautiful here, how easy it would be to miss it.  How grateful I am to be here and alive.

As BrotherDavid has pointed to many times the path to a great life is through appreciating and being grateful for what we have.  If you don’t know Father David consider spending a minute watching his  video Brother David Grateful for Today

Where are you in your life?  What voice are you listening to?  Will you help me stay awake and present?  God (literally) knows I need your help.  Would you like help staying present in your life?  Let me know.  Let us know.  This is what Community is all about.

Did you get the phone call?

Click here to listen to the message (if you have not heard it): Welcome Call.  Practice phone number: (972)292-2247.  Address 2706 Fairmount Street Dallas TX 75201.

Alright so guess how many cups of coffee I had before I recorded the message many of you have received?   I had no idea that I was as wound up as I was but when I got the call (yes I was listed as a patient so I could hear what you heard) I thought “wow, I need to hold off the Starbucks a little!”

All joking aside I am excited to be back in practice.  Randy Brown, a long time patient was the first to be seen at the new practice.  His parents and children will someday be there too as I have had the pleasure of caring for them for two decades.

The First Patient at the new office at 2706 Fairmount Street Dallas Texas

To be honest it is very strange to not be at TienaHealth, and I purposely moved to an office that is far enough away that I will not have an adverse effect on the providers there – all of whom I gave my word to when I recruited them that I would support and help them be successful in their practice.  I miss the staff and the providers very much so if any of you see them then give them a big hug for me!

That said I also appreciate that it is a hardship for those of you that wish to remain with me to drive downtown.  Frankly when you think about health care being divided into 1) prevention and early diagnosis of cancer, 2)management of chronic problems, and 3) acute problems really the only one that requires a sudden visit to the doctor ins the acute problem, and often this can be handled on the phone or web just as effectively.

So the vision is to have a very limited number of patients in the practice (say 400 – 500) as compared with a full practice which often has over 3000 people in the practice.  LET ME KNOW IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN BEING ONE OF THEM (send email – above right) Over the next several days we will share the vision of what we are going to create.  I think you will be very excited!!  Scott Conard, MD

A Select Group

Would you be interested in joining a small group, say 200 – 500 people that focus on living life in a positive proactive way to insure their well being?  The more feedback and input received the more it feels like having a team looking out for you, using insurance but not shy about recommending additional resources, activities and events might be the ticket.  Let me know what you think.


Dr Scott

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