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Give Up Wellness Programs – It Is Time For Prevention

By DrScott – Posted on December 10, 2013 on www.compassphs.com

Catastrophic conditions, such as debilitating heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, don’t just appear in our body. They progress from having a predisposition passed on from your parents, to increased risk of the disease (for example when we gain weight or become overweight); to pre-disease, where the numbers we monitor like cholesterol and blood pressure begin to change; and to disease like diabetes, heart attacks, or cancer appearing in our body; to complications like strokes, amputations, and kidney failure, widespread in our body. Why is this important? Every step along this disease progression can be slowed or eliminated.

Most wellness programs try to attack this problem with lifestyle changes to reduce pre-disease – a good strategy if you are monitoring and targeting the appearance of pre-disease in your employees. How do you know if “pre-disease” is appearing in your employees? An effective program looks at the bio (life)-metrics (numbers) of your employees. If you don’t start with an understanding of the disease prevalence, time and money may be wasted.

Frankly, today the term “Wellness Program” encompasses such a broad range of initiatives, it has lost its meaning. Too often these programs amorphous well intended, information gathering and sharing efforts, devoid of actual metrics, and clearly defined next steps for the employee – point to a program that will fail.

In the next installment, we will discuss a proven set metrics to follow and why they are so vital to your company’s well-being.