Glucose Monitoring Made Easy

Constantly monitoring glucose levels can be taxing, but it is essential to living a healthy life as a diabetic. Thanks to advances in technology, there are now options that can make the process a bit easier.

Recently the Apple Store added a new product called “iBGStar® Blood Glucose Monitoring System.”  This product is a combination of an app for your iphone and a small piece of hardware that plugs into the bottom of the phone. It appears to be easy to use, will store up to 300 results (the app accommodates even more), allows for personal notes to be added to your data, and your information can even be shared with your healthcare team. — For more information click:  iBGStar® Blood Glucose Monitoring System


Another option is the Glooko Logbook (iphone app) along with their MeterSync cable (the IR adapter may also be required depending which glucose meter you use). This system has many of the same benefits as the iBGStar® system. — For more information click: Glooko Logbook or watch the video below.


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