Happen TO Life…

What are you doing this morning?  Did life happen to you or did you happen to life?  Reactive or Proactive?  Victim or Creator?

I was laying in bed in a hotel room in San Diego for the American Diabetes Association National Meeting, perfectly warm, very groggy, and content when the idea “I should go for a run” popped into my mind.  My “little fat man” in my head – the one that has had his way with me off and on for many years – began to argue vehemently what a ridiculous thought that was and reassured me that what I should do is go back to sleep.

So for the next 15 minutes my “fit man” and “fat man” wrestled in my head.  Finally I got up, dressed and headed out of the hotel.

About halfway through the run I realized that I was sleep running.  I was up in my head and now the “do this to be successful” man was arguing with the “all you do is work too hard” man.

“STOP!!” (said with a high pitched voice and exasperation).  What is going on?  Why the wrestling match?  What are these to voices?  Why are these voices?

Staying Present in San Diego

“Breathe, look around, feel the weather, smell the sea salt, listen to the sea gulls.”  Finally life became being, not doing; experience, not thought.  I was really here.  Suddenly a chorus – the fat man, fit man, successful man, and work to hard man voices yelled in a chorus how important they were and needed to be paid attention to.  How easy to dive back into the theater of my mind, to miss the life that I was in.   But, it is really beautiful here, how easy it would be to miss it.  How grateful I am to be here and alive.

As BrotherDavid has pointed to many times the path to a great life is through appreciating and being grateful for what we have.  If you don’t know Father David consider spending a minute watching his  video Brother David Grateful for Today

Where are you in your life?  What voice are you listening to?  Will you help me stay awake and present?  God (literally) knows I need your help.  Would you like help staying present in your life?  Let me know.  Let us know.  This is what Community is all about.

One Response to “Happen TO Life…”

  1. Sue Basey June 24, 2011 at 5:11 pm #

    Scott, Love hearing from you.
    In either the book Blue Zone or Thriving, it says to say “Mind Chatter goes to heaven”. In other words, give it to GOD!
    For several weeks I repeated this to myself and it works, I now have very little “Mind Chatter” anymore.

    Love ya,