High Blood Pressure Effects Shocking Number Of Americans

According to Centers For Disease Control and Prevention an estimated 68 million Americans have high blood pressure, which is approximately a third of the adult population. With such a massive number of people suffering from the disease it is critical that people educate themselves about the disease and have their blood pressure checked regularly.


“The sobering fact about high blood pressure is that it is often without symptoms until it is too late. That is, until an “end organ,” such as our brain, kidneys or heart, becomes damaged, we rarely feel it… Many times the first sign that the silent killer has invaded our body is when we experience kid- ney failure, an aneurysm, a stroke or a heart attack.” — The Seven Numbers pg. 113

Don’t wait till it’s too late! Visit your doctor and make sure that you’ve got it under control. Fortunately, high blood pressure is a disease that can be controlled.

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