Lousy Habits follow up from Seminar

In our class this week we shared one lousy habit each of us thought was stopping us from achieving our wellness goals.  One of the things that impressed me the most was there wasn’t anyone that shared what most of us would think were lousy habits, ie, quit smoking, get off drugs, eating out too much, etc.

Lousy habits are habits that we have fallen into that stop us from being our best, and sometimes we do not even recognize that it’s a lousy habit until someone else points it out or we realize whatever it is isn’t serving our bodies or our life in the best way.

Several in class shared that reading books was a lousy habit.  Now, most people would not think of reading books as a lousy habit. However, if it stops you from going to sleep at night and getting enough sleep, it can be. Another person shared that reading sometimes stopped them from exercising so now they use a Nook and read while they are exercising.

Another lousy habit that was shared was watching television.  Again, not a terribly lousy habit unless you are watching too much of it that it stops you from being productive or stops you from sleeping or exercising.

The goal is to develop an awareness of your lousy habits, gain understanding of why it is a lousy habit and maybe even go back to recognize when it became a lousy habit and why.  Then identify what new habits you could put in place to change the lousy habits and identify an accountability friend that you could share your new habit goal with. Once you have shared what your goal is with your accountability friend, create what kind of a plan you want for them to hold you accountable for and how you want them to hold you accountable.  By doing this, expectations are set up front and you have a say in how you want to be held accountable.

Wishing you wellness as you get rid of one lousy habit at a time and create new healthy habits!

Dr. Scott

One Response to “Lousy Habits follow up from Seminar”

  1. Bonnie Barnett September 14, 2011 at 12:00 am #

    Some of those “habits” are addictions. Thanks to the patch, I’m working hard on the addiction part. Habits? Still working on it. Two or three times a week, I still “bum” a smoke, light it, but don’t actually smoke it, just hold it in my hand. THIS part is actually harder than the addiction; I’m down to the 14 mg patch now (started at 21 mg patch), and is is from a 50 year, up to 2-1/2 pack a day habit. Learned to just keep praying, and trying to resist. Staying away from smokers from whom I CAN “bum” one is rhe hardest part. Wish me luck!