Lousy Habits

The L in our TROUBLE Assessment stands for Lousy Habits.  A habit is a behavior pattern developed by frequent repetition.  It is closely connected with both the way we think and how we feel emotionally. Lousy habits rob us of a quality life and in some cases, shorten our years.  They compound the negative effects of unhealthy food choices, increased Roundness and a lack of Training in our lives.

There are countless Lousy Habits we can develop, ranging from taking drugs and drinking excessive amounts of alcohol to watching too much TV and not getting enough sleep.  What lousy habits can you identify in your life?  Did you know that most of the time you develop lousy habits simply because you repeatedly did your lousy habit without thinking that it was a lousy habit?

Now is the time to take action and change whatever in your life you decide is a lousy habit.  You can do that by created a good habit that replaces the lousy habit.  The first step to getting rid of your lousy habit is to become aware of what the lousy habits are that you have in your life.  Take a minute and write down what you are aware of in your life that is a lousy habit.

Your next step is understanding.  Do some research on your habit and find out the effects of it on your life. Ask people around you how your habit affects them. Is your habit just a waste of time or is it affecting your health and the health of those around you?

Develop new habits.  Experts estimate it takes about 21 days to establish a new habit.  New, healthier patterns of behavior will help you to prevent returning to the old habit.  Sometimes, we just need to replace the lousy habit with a healthier one and make it a habit instead. Some successful habits to consider are exercising instead of watching tv.  Chewing sugar free gum instead of smoking. Deep-breathing exercises and counting backward from 10 may also be helpful.

Our next step is to establish accountability.  Find trustworthy people who will support you in your endeavor.  Stop and think.  Who is on my team? Are there people that deliberately sabatoge you that you need to avoid for a while so that you can be successful? Do you need to share it with your family or do you need to go to a support group away from your family to get the accountability you need? The key is to find someone or a group who you can talk with or see regularly who won’t condemn you for not being successful but at the same time won’t condone it either.

Sharing is the final step. Once you have gotten the upper hand on your lousy habit, it is time to begin telling others about your success and offer to help them with their struggles.  We are all one step and ahead and one step behind someone. By being real, transparent, and willing to help others, you will develop a greater level of freedom than you ever thought possible!

Dr. Scott

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