Happen TO Life…

What are you doing this morning?  Did life happen to you or did you happen to life?  Reactive or Proactive?  Victim or Creator?

I was laying in bed in a hotel room in San Diego for the American Diabetes Association National Meeting, perfectly warm, very groggy, and content when the idea “I should go for a run” popped into my mind.  My “little fat man” in my head – the one that has had his way with me off and on for many years – began to argue vehemently what a ridiculous thought that was and reassured me that what I should do is go back to sleep.

So for the next 15 minutes my “fit man” and “fat man” wrestled in my head.  Finally I got up, dressed and headed out of the hotel.

About halfway through the run I realized that I was sleep running.  I was up in my head and now the “do this to be successful” man was arguing with the “all you do is work too hard” man.

“STOP!!” (said with a high pitched voice and exasperation).  What is going on?  Why the wrestling match?  What are these to voices?  Why are these voices?

Staying Present in San Diego

“Breathe, look around, feel the weather, smell the sea salt, listen to the sea gulls.”  Finally life became being, not doing; experience, not thought.  I was really here.  Suddenly a chorus – the fat man, fit man, successful man, and work to hard man voices yelled in a chorus how important they were and needed to be paid attention to.  How easy to dive back into the theater of my mind, to miss the life that I was in.   But, it is really beautiful here, how easy it would be to miss it.  How grateful I am to be here and alive.

As BrotherDavid has pointed to many times the path to a great life is through appreciating and being grateful for what we have.  If you don’t know Father David consider spending a minute watching his  video Brother David Grateful for Today

Where are you in your life?  What voice are you listening to?  Will you help me stay awake and present?  God (literally) knows I need your help.  Would you like help staying present in your life?  Let me know.  Let us know.  This is what Community is all about.

Did you get the phone call?

Click here to listen to the message (if you have not heard it): Welcome Call.  Practice phone number: (972)292-2247.  Address 2706 Fairmount Street Dallas TX 75201.

Alright so guess how many cups of coffee I had before I recorded the message many of you have received?   I had no idea that I was as wound up as I was but when I got the call (yes I was listed as a patient so I could hear what you heard) I thought “wow, I need to hold off the Starbucks a little!”

All joking aside I am excited to be back in practice.  Randy Brown, a long time patient was the first to be seen at the new practice.  His parents and children will someday be there too as I have had the pleasure of caring for them for two decades.

The First Patient at the new office at 2706 Fairmount Street Dallas Texas

To be honest it is very strange to not be at TienaHealth, and I purposely moved to an office that is far enough away that I will not have an adverse effect on the providers there – all of whom I gave my word to when I recruited them that I would support and help them be successful in their practice.  I miss the staff and the providers very much so if any of you see them then give them a big hug for me!

That said I also appreciate that it is a hardship for those of you that wish to remain with me to drive downtown.  Frankly when you think about health care being divided into 1) prevention and early diagnosis of cancer, 2)management of chronic problems, and 3) acute problems really the only one that requires a sudden visit to the doctor ins the acute problem, and often this can be handled on the phone or web just as effectively.

So the vision is to have a very limited number of patients in the practice (say 400 – 500) as compared with a full practice which often has over 3000 people in the practice.  LET ME KNOW IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN BEING ONE OF THEM (send email – above right) Over the next several days we will share the vision of what we are going to create.  I think you will be very excited!!  Scott Conard, MD

A Tribute to Those Who Focused on Quality at Medical Edge Healthcare Group, PA

Recently I left my position as Chief Medical and Strategy officer for Medical Edge, PA (now part of the Texas Health Physician Group).  It was stupendous.  My job description was to create a medically integrated group, to empower and support 510 doctors achieving every greater levels of clinical excellence.  Little did I realize when I began the amazing group with whom I would get to work.

My first month on the job I attended a conference at which I saw several primary care physicians.  I was asking everyone “are you in Medical Edge?”  It was not long until I found a few who were.  At one point when I asked one doctor who said “yes,” a second doctor standing near by said “your kidding, I am too!”  Their offices were 5 miles away and they both had been in the group for over 4 years…..

It was at that moment that I knew that the “clinically integrated” part of my job was going to be a challenge.  Two years later I can excitedly report that it had occurred.  Honestly, not due to me, but to a lot of work by Lori Clay, Cora Bennett, Tim Wilson and many other directors of operations and staff.  They divided the company into 11 Areas, then into 3 Regions (Lori’s idea).  Soon meetings of the 100 primary care doctors in each region were occurring regularly, specialists and ancillary services shared best practices in ongoing support for the primary care doctors, and the quality of patient care spiraled higher every day.

Within two more years by focusing on the care process doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants received over 160 Certificates of Recognition by the Bridges to Excellent  based on nationally established criteria on diabetes and heart disease risk.  Shawn Parsley, Donald Fowler, Don Holt, and Paul Anthony were the Regional Medical Directors who empowered and worked with Area Directors like Eric Futscher, Randy Perkins, Paul Kim, Roger Tolar, John Wood, Odi Alvarado, Carlos Mijares, Al Hulse, Elizar Alvarez, and Tim McGuire.  Lisa Oleson, the staff of Care Innovations (a part of Medical Edge), Lynn Myers and the electronic medical records staff provided ongoing leadership to re-define the process and consistency of care patients coming to our offices received.

It was both magical and thrilling to stand on the shoulders of such committed, outstanding individuals.  Working with these leaders and with the office staffs of all 183 Medical Edge offices, who had to change the way the did things every day, all the time, was a blessing I will never forget and for which I will always be grateful.

There are people alive today that would not be celebrating Memorial Day in 2011 if these leaders had not created and shared their vision with others.

So in leaving my post with Medical Edge (now THPG) I post this blog to honor and to publicly share the work of many, and the names of a few that came together from 2006 – 2010 to improve the lives of those we served, and save the lives of many.  Most of the patients you influenced will never know your name, but I will never forget you, your spirit and your commitment.

I pray that you will always be blessed, and I know that God knows who you are and blesses you every day for what you do for so many.

Dr Scott

Understanding Intuitive Well-Being™

Imagine a life that just flows with spontaneous energy and joy.  Leaving the “should, would, could” world behind.  Existing as unrestrained creativity and energy;

  • surrounded by people you enjoy,
  • experiencing you occupational pursuits as an expression of your life’s meaning,
  • navigating the challenges of life, recognizing that the process of overcoming them provides your guidance in reaching higher levels of joy and influence.

That is Intuitive Well-Being.  Living a life where physical, social, emotional, financial, and spiritual success flows as an expression of your life.  The state of being whole and complete in all areas without the distraction of that “inner conversation” wearing you out and holding you down.

Once you have achieved a spontaneous, ongoing success you have achieved tiena, a term derived from an Eritrean word meaning “whole and complete physically, emotionally, socially, financially and spiritually.”

How do you get there?  The path is as individual as you are, but often it includes;

  1. Unconscious incompetence (I didn’t even know it was possible), through
  2. Conscious incompetence (I know it is possible, but I don’t know how to get there yet), to
  3. Conscious competence (Success occurs with significant effort, to be lost if not contemplated upon), to
  4. Unconscious competence or intuitive well-being (the state of Tiena) – I am competent and no longer have to think, it just flows in my life).

Would you consider working towards higher levels of mastery of intuitive well-being in your life?

If the answer is yes then post on this blog and consider reading The Seven Healers. Being committed and aware – contemplative in the effort will result in continual joy and tiena in your life.   I look forward to the journey together.

Dr Scott

The 15 Minute Train Wreck – AKA the Office Visit

The 15 minute train wreck – running room to room is dead.  It has been shown to be ineffective and expensive.   With just enough time to get a little information the provider (doctor or PA/NP) makes a quick assessment and launches out the door for the next patient.  Frequently proper follow up and ongoing support is completely lost and the patient is left to wander in the wilderness called “modern” healthcare.

The new model is about continuity, transitions from one care environment (say, the hospital) to another (home), and personalized care.  Outreach and follow up calls with problem solving and support, and team meetings to insure that what patients don’t know is not a reason to have unintended disease and death.

Do you know someone who wants to be a part of providing this care?

Let me know.  It is time to build the team.

Dr Scott


Free at Last, Free At Last, Thank God I am Free At Last. Time to head home (the Medical Home)

I am overjoyed (and greatly relieved) that I can now report that I am a “free agent.” I met with Dr Stoltz last Thursday and, at this point, I am no longer associated with Medical Edge or Texas Health Physician Group and will not be opening an office with them.

So it is time to get down to brass tacks and figure out what we are going to do.  As all of you who know me well appreciate I am absolutely committed to

“Adding years to the life and life to the years of individuals, corporations, systems and nations to empower intuitive wellness.”

There will be two aspects of this pursuit for me – clinical practice and creating an Accountable Care System that empowers the Accountable (or Activated) Patient.

In the clinical practice I am committed to finding and growing old with a group of patients who too are committed to living a great life – reaching 100 years of age with vitality and joy.

What does not work for me in the practice is running in and out of rooms 15 minutes at a time until I am exhausted.  This model does not work – the American Healthcare System has proven this without a doubt.  So here are some basic to consider;

  1. One on one, face to face visits will be necessary for part of the time.  But guiding, directing, supporting, and coordinating the effort is as or more important to the process of attaining intuitive wellness.
  2. Creating a medical home with opportunities like group visits, on line visits, telephonic care, and having other members of the team like dietitians, exercise specialists, social workers, pharmacists available to us are also vital.
  3. Working with a great physicians assistant and/or nurse practitioner (and at some point additional doctors) as a part of the team will add tremendous value to the practice.
  4. Finally, the freedom to speak with the specialist or go to the visit when it could/would contribute greatly to your health cannot happen when I am running room to room but may be vital at times to your health.

So now we start building a new model.  The first thing is building the team to get the logistics of starting a practice accomplished.  Not glamorous but necessary.  let’s start with one foundational person; an organized, capable, motivated individual with some healthcare background (possibly an MA or nurse) who would like to run with the ball and create this enterprise.   Do you know this person?  If so, asap please send me their contact information to drscott@scottconard.com

Secondly, this individual will need some help.  Would anyone be willing to volunteer to help with basic tasks ranging from filling out forms to running errands?  It will take a village to create the ideal medical practice for our community, but and now we have the green light for go and we can proceed!

I miss you and look forward to seeing you soon in our new facility.

Dr Scott

A Select Group

Would you be interested in joining a small group, say 200 – 500 people that focus on living life in a positive proactive way to insure their well being?  The more feedback and input received the more it feels like having a team looking out for you, using insurance but not shy about recommending additional resources, activities and events might be the ticket.  Let me know what you think.


Dr Scott

A Message to My Patients

First of all I want to thank you all for the many calls, texts and emails I am getting; your concern is moving.

In addition, I am sorry for the sudden departure and possible interruption in the continuity of your care.  If you are having issues or problems please feel free to email me at the address below and let me know how I can help.

Let me address the main issue most of you are asking; why I am no longer at TienaHealth.   For the last 4 1/2 years I have been working as the Chief Medical and Strategy Officer (CMSO) for Medical Edge in addition to my patient care responsibilities.  On 1/1/2011 the Texas Health Physicians Group acquired Medical Edge and there was no CMSO position in THPG.  Thus my contract, both for the executive and for my medical practice concluded.  Dr Stoltz, the president of THPG and I are looking at the possibility of me coming back as a doctor only, but this has not been decided, and if I do it will be in the Grapevine/Southlake area, not at TienaHealth – (stay tuned).

But in the mean time, what I am doing is considering my options for the medical practice.  If you could design the perfect situation for your healthcare what would it look like? Here are some key areas;

  1. How do we take healthcare to you, not make you come to the healthcare, making it more convenient and accessible (web, telephone, email, webinars, seminars, group visits, text – be creative),
  2. Who is on the “team” – me alone, or several people working to the top of their license to provide care (other doctor(s), PA/NP, nurse, dietitian, chiropractor, maseuse???), what do you envision?,
  3. How do we build a “community” – see one, do one, teach one – people going through life together, supporting, sharing, and caring for each other (yes, even between patients),
  4. Who are the others, and how many do you envision in the “community” of care?
  5. What physical resources do we want (office, conference room, gym, pool, airplane)?
  6. What shall we call ourselves?
  7. Any ideas on funding – traditional insurance, membership, co-op, nonprofit corp?

This is the time to brainstorm and be creative.  The fundamental foundation of great care is the relationship and continuity with the your healthcare team.  This is what we want to focus on.  We may start off with a small office with a large web presence or no office and all house calls – let’s be open to the functions defining the structure.

As we are re-calibrating and dreaming of what this “Community” looks like I am eager to hear your suggestions.  Please post a comment and/or send an email to me at drscott@scottconard.com.

Committed to your wellness,

Dr Scott

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