Practicing medicine is a gift.  After over two decades of being with you as you tackled and overcame the trials and tribulations of your lives I am committed to continuing to serve you as you as a health and well-being adviser in your life.

The question is how to do this most effectively.  After several focus group meetings with  patients and other healthcare providers an innovative, creative and proactive approach has been developed.

Health and well-being has four major components;

  1. A proactive lifestyle,
  2. Prevention and/or early detection of diseases and disorders like cancer and heart disease
  3. Reversal and/or management of chronic conditions like diabetes, arthritis, and obesity
  4. Acute care of problems like sinusitis, a broken bone, a laceration and so forth.

The frustrating part of the current practice of medicine – running from exam room to exam room was designed for another time; one without the knowledge and technology we have today.  I affectionately call this the “hamster wheel” model of medicine.

You know – stop what you are doing, come to my office spend 90 minutes  to get 15 minutes with the doctor, and leave with unclear follow up and very little education, but a script and instructions.  Yuk.  The other problem; how many successful businesses have you seen where the most knowledgeable person tries to do everything him or her self?  Primary care today attempts to use this poorly designed model and is failing (see the blog under The Practice of Medicine).

We are going to re-design this system to one that works for you.  It will evolve over time as we identify and modify the system.  What does this mean to you?

  • Attend a weekly SevenLife Seminar Series focusing on the goal of achieving tiena – being whole and complete physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually and financially.
  • Access to a care coordination team and resources to help you create the best lifestyle and healthcare plan.  This includes access to a care coordinator telephonically, by text, by web, or by email.  Note: it is understood that many (or most) of you will have other providers – primary care, specialists, chiropractors and so forth that you will also be visiting.  The intent of this community is to coordinate and integrate (to the best extent possible) your healthcare and well-being efforts.
  • A comprehensive medical record for you to accumulate your health information.  If you leave the community, you will be provided with a free electronic copy of this information if you request.
  • Access to a personalized online community portal that will have your clinical and lifestyle information as well as video, audio and written content to help you on your journey.
  • The opportunity, at additional cost, to join a limited concierge practice associated with Scott Conard, MD PA Clinic (a separate company).
  • Access, at additional cost, to attend a weekly group office visit with a physician, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, and/or other health professionals associated with the Dr. Scott Conard, PA Clinic as per the rules from your health insurance carrier. Generally these visits will occur before the SevenLife classes and for 8 to 12 patients.
  • Access to the NowClinic, a web based system found at www.nowclinic .com, where you can have  a web based internet medical visit with one of the Dr. Scott Conard PA clinic healthcare professionals at selected times (you can schedule on the internet) for a cost of $40 per visit (subject to change as per the NowClinic fee schedule).
  • Have a whole lot of fun with a community of like-minded explorers committed to vitality and joy!

The main cost of this agreement is participation.  At least monthly it will be important to interact with the community via web, seminars, telephone and/or other strategies.  In addition there is a fee that will be automatically charged to you, much like a club membership fee.

Contact us today by hitting “Contact” at the top of this page and join us on our journey!!

Scott Conard