Stagen Leadership Program – Modern Technology and Learning Methods Arrive

If you work in the medical industry it is time to invest in yourself. Literally a fortune will be made by those bringing modern day business and management technology from other industries to medicine. Our antiquated and broken health care system will be overhauled, and those that have the skills to foster and hasten this transformation will be in the driver’s seat in the future.

If you are a person who values their time, consider an alternative to the traditional MBA program. Modern technology and learning methods have arrived at the Stagen Introduction to Leadership Program (ILP). A unique blend of relevant, compelling, actionable theory coupled with self-evaluation and insight into one’s motivation, provides the formula for breaking through the glass ceiling we all erect for ourselves. “You will get the company you are ready to manage” refocuses on the issues that will truly propel your career and allow for greater relevance, impact, and success.

The time is now to train and develop the next generation of leaders in medicine. Do yourself a favor and focus on what matters. Consider the Stagen ILP ( to accelerate your personal transformation, influence and relevance.

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