Healthcare Spending

Why You Care About Your Employees Numbers

By DrScott – Posted on December 18, 2013 on

In the first two installments of the Seven Number Series, we examined how heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, gradually appear in our bodies. Every one of us is born with a higher likelihood of developing one disease over the other (a genetic predisposition). We then take in more calories than we burn, and we begin to gain weight and can become overweight or obese. Next, we continue to force calories into our body and our organs – the blood vessel, pancreas and other tissues of our body, are forced to put in overtime, often to the point of exhaustion or destruction, until finally the control (homeostatic) mechanisms become overwhelmed and fail, allowing the disease to manifest and gain a firm foothold in our body.

Why do you and your company care about this process? They significantly determine the health and future of your career and company; the loss of good employees, loss of productivity at work, and the cost of managing absenteeism. Here is where you find this on your health benefit reports:

  • Heart disease and type 2 diabetes (which is over 90% of diabetes) are directly driven through this process.
  • Many cancers – endometrial, pancreatic, breast (after menopause only), rectal, and colorectal cancers
  • Many emergency room visit are related to these processes, but are reported as “Injury and Poisoning” on cost reports,
  • “Pain and Suffering” on health cost reports include headaches, chest, abdominal, and pelvic pain not uncommonly related to these issues, and finally
  • Musculoskeletal costs are driven through the same pathway of decreased fitness, overweight and obesity with neck, back, hip, knee, and ankle destruction and the resulting treatment.

Altogether, these account for over 70% of many companies’ health spend. What would it mean to your company to reduce or eliminate a significant portion of these conditions?