Press Release For Groundbreaking Book TED* for Diabetes

A groundbreaking new book, TED* for Diabetes: A Health Empowerment Story, co-authored by leadership and behavior change expert David Emerald and Scott Conard, MD, offers an innovative method that helps those diagnosed with diabetes to shift their perspective from victim to empowerment.

“People with diabetes can improve their health using the principles in this book,” Emerald says. Emerald has firsthand experience, as he personally lives with the daily responsibilities of type 2 diabetes.

Dealing with his own health challenges motivated David Emerald to apply the wisdom and usefulness of his first book The Power of TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic), which outlines the principles of the inventive and powerful mental mindset he developed as a response to thinking like a victim. Using these principles, Emerald made a significant improvement to his overall health and shares, through an easy-to-read story, these successful behavioral change techniques for other people challenged by diabetes (or any health challenge). “When you shift your attitude about your disease, your approach, choices, and habits related to the disease change,” Emerald explains.

Dr. Conard has 25 years of clinical experience specializing in diabetes care and weight management, serves the American Diabetes Association locally (Dallas, TX) and internationally, and uses the Power of TED* principles with his patients. “Appreciating the struggle of those with diabetes, it became my mission to make sure my patients had Emerald’s Power of TED* ideas to help them with the challenges they face every day,” said Dr. Conard.

Diabetes has risen to epidemic status, affecting nearly 26 million Americans and over 300 million around the world. And, the epidemic is spreading to children and teens. Recent news reports have highlighted alarming research, published in the American Academy of Pediatrics’ journal, revealing that type 2 diabetes and prediabetes in children aged 12-19 rose from 9% in 1999 to over 23% in 2008.

“The good news is that people have control over those choices that either hinder or improve their health,” Emerald adds.

TED* for Diabetes: A Heath Empowerment Story offers steps for helping people create healthy habits, shift from victim to empowerment, and move into the driver’s seat– navigating the road toward a life of well-being.

About David Emerald
David Emerald is an author who weaves storytelling through a rich narrative that, in collaboration with his co-author Dr. Scott Conard, merges a basic understanding of the science of diabetes with the author’s innovative psychological and social paradigm model– TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic ™). David’s personal experience with type 2 diabetes adds to the authenticity of personal emotions people experience when diagnosed with an illness, disorder or disease.

David is an international consultant, facilitator, executive coach, author and worldwide speaker and workshop facilitator sought by businesses, organizations and institutions through his position as co-founder the Bainbridge Leadership Center (Bainbridge Island, WA) and director of their organizational leadership and self-leadership practices, at the core of which is TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic). For media inquiries and interviews contact Inspired Media Communications at dianeden(at)centurytel(dot)net or 503-678 1356

About Scott Conard, MD
Scott Conard has over 25 years’ experience of clinical practice and is the Chief Medical Officer of ACAP Health, a division of Holmes Murphy and Associates. He is the current President of the North Texas American Diabetes Association (ADA) and serves on the ADA National Committee of Prevention.

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