The Seven Numbers book just released!

Be one of the first to learn the Seven Numbers that could save your life!

The Seven Numbers that will save your life spell the acronym TROUBLE.

T – Training

R – Roundness or BMI

O – Oil

U – Unacceptable Sugars

B – Blood Pressure

L – Lousy Habits

E – Exploding plaque

Do you know what your numbers are?  If not, you want to learn them!  You always want to find the way to get those numbers into the optimal range for your age so that you can add years to your life and life to your years.  We all want to live to old age, AND, we want to be healthy and fullfilled while living a long life.  This book can help you do that.

You can go to, and under Products, you will see more information about purchasing The Seven Numbers.  After you read it, please post and tell us what you learned so we can help celebrate you living a long and vital life.

I’m excited about this book and the possibilities it opens up for every person to know that in many cases, disease can be slowed once discovered or even prevented.  The key is to develop “the ears to hear and the eyes to see” what is occurring.  With this new information added to your arsenal, you can seize the day and take control of your health.

Are you ready?

Learn and Live the Seven Numbers that can save your life!

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Dr. Scott


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